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On Deterrence

  February 28, 2017  ~    717.52 MB
On Deterrence




On Deterrence is a documentary that presents a contemporary dialogue involving different viewpoints about the evolution of nuclear weapon deterrence since World War II and how deterrence may evolve in the future. The intent of this film is not to advocate any one viewpoint, but to make a lasting contribution to the history of deterrence and to the long-term dialogue about the role of U.S. nuclear weapons as a deterrent.

The film features interviews from more than 30 experts, including: National Nuclear Security Administration head Gen. Frank Klotz; Ploughshares Fund president Joseph Cirincione; former U.S. senators Sam Nunn of Georgia and Jon Kyl of Arizona; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace senior associates Ashley Tellis and James Acton; former secretaries of defense James Schlesinger, Robert Gates and William Perry; former Los Alamos National Laboratory director Sig Hecker; Stanford University senior fellow Scott Sagan; and Rose Gottemoeller, former under secretary for Arms Control and International Security at the State Department.

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